Marriott Battle


I love scary movies.

I got into a really unhealthy trend in the summer of watching "Buzzfeed Unsolved" at night. At least when you're watching a fictional movie, you know it's all acting. But "Unsolved" really freaked me out because it was based on factual murders.

I also started watching Supernatural. Comparatively, it wasn't that scary- but the show beckon to deal with demons and I realized that the writers weren't just making stuff up for a show, it was real.

I think there are a few trigger words in Christian society that we all kinda shy away from. We all have a topic that hits our buttons because of our strong stance or our experience with it. But spiritual warfare is something we as Christians don't talk about nearly enough.

Something that really horrifies me as a person living in the world, but not of it is the reality of ignorance when it comes to demons. See, atheists can say God doesn't exist and there's really no harm. I mean, yeah- they don't know possibly the best love in the world and they spend eternity in Hell, but God's not like Tinkerbell and His light won't go out if someone doesn't believe in Him. But I've come to realize that even the most firm atheists don't mess with ouija boards or spells because they know something's wrong there.

If even the atheists know that there are demons, why aren't Christians fighting them more strongly?

I have experienced some pretty freaky spiritual warfare. I remember not having control over my body sometimes when I was holding a razor. For a depressed person, that's not a good feeling. 

I have been battling spiritual warfare since I got to Liberty University in August. I'm not the only one either, God is working in amazing and huge ways here, and Satan is horrified by the impact we as Christian college students can make on the world. 

Spiritual warfare is spooky. 

I can't really think of another word for it other than Halloween themed diction because it is supernatural. But not in the assuring way that God is. God is so loving and powerful that we cannot comprehend how unending his grace and adoration are. God is the epitome of good.

But Satan is the epitome of evil and while his powers are limited and able to be overcome by God, we really can't fathom how awful he is.

But I was reading a passage of scripture the other night from Paul in Philippians and he says, "what has happened to me has really served to advance the [G]ospel" (Phil 1:12). He goes on to say basically the same thing, "what as happened to me will turn out for my salvation" (Phil 1:19). See, while he's not talking about warfare (Paul is in prison and he's talking about how he is literally in chains but happy cause he gets to talk about Jesus and his homeboys in the prison literally have to listen about a God who just wants to love them), I felt it in may core that his quotes can go hand in hand with spiritual warfare. 

Okay, it's only Friday the 13th. Let me lighten this up.

My school loves football. My hall sits on the fifty yard line and trash talks the other team. Yes, the is the Liberty way... We chant "Jesus loves you". But. The trash talking becomes about six times higher if our team is losing. We want to distract the other team so our boys will win. When we know Liberty is going to win, we don't trash talk as much. We only annoy the players when they become a threat to us.

Satan does that too. He only sends his demons when he realizes we are a threat to him. And let me tell you, Liberty students are Satan's worst nightmare because we love Jesus, and we scream about it, even on the football field. 

So, like Paul says, how much stronger is our testament of how we love God and are on the brink of something so wonderful for His glory when we realize that Satan is scared.

We literally are a threat to the worst being in this world.

So, yeah. Spiritual warfare exists and it is one of the worst phenomenons in this world. It can literally tear down a man from the inside out. But we belong to a God who raises people to life and tells the darkness to flee and it has to listen to Him.

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).

Marriott Battle