Marriott Battle

This is the Day

I feel like I count down the days to everything. 

I was the one in high school who had graduation counted down to the second. I knew when I was going to move into college, and I told my mom how many days were left constantly. And I always have the days numbered for Christmas, cause it's freaking Christmas. 

But the week leading up to fall break and finally coming home, I didn't count down the days. 

Sure, I was really ready to see Mamma Linda and my puppy. I craved a bath and even a homemade meal. But I wasn't begging for college to be over and my friends to leave me.

At 12:40 one night when I was praying, God put a scripture in my heart. He reminded me that "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it"( Psalm 118:24), God's reminder hit me in my heart because I was being glad that I was finally living my life in the present and accepting that God had prepared me for just one day at a time. There's a reason He doesn't let us see all our days, we couldn't cope with that.

Even though I understood the words, the verse still haunted me.

God didn't proclaim 'this' day the only day He made. He made every day that has or will ever come to pass. He tracked our steps and He walks through them with us. His love and guidance isn't just for one day, or even Sunday, but for everyday.  

When I was calling my mom about coming home and I had the feeling in the back of my head that told me I wasn't really as excited as I should be. My heart is so full at Liberty University that I would be content staying there this weekend. Not only has God sent people into my lives to love me and keep me accountable, but also I love how fun it is to be on my own with the protection that Liberty provides me while doing it. I was really following God's will by living each and every day to its fullest and not asking for a fast forward, like I usually do. 

A huge blessing I've come to realize while on campus is that there is literally no other place I'd like to be. Liberty may be the best place in the world for me, maybe even better than Disney World.

That's right, I said it. 

Being home is weird. Coming home for the first time is like walking on the set of a horror movie. Something is missing, or wrong and you don't really know what it is. I was wigged out when I couldn't wash my dishes, or when my mom came into my room without having to be let in. I don't really like that I can't just walk out of my dorm and see fifty of my favorite people, or go to class and be prayed for as soon as I sit down.

Liberty honestly may have spoiled me more than anything or anyone in my life could possibly have. Everyday I feel like I learn something new about the campus or the people on it that makes me wonder how God could possibly loved me so much to place me here. 

I am so blessed to be able to think of my dorm as home, but also to come back to Winston Salem over the breaks and call this home too. I've learned that home is really where God is, and where the people you love are. 

I can't wait to get back to college. I love having an environment where everybody wants to pursue education and Jesus at the same time. I love the atmosphere that surrounds me when I step on the campus, and the way God's Spirit fills me every second of the day. 

But I'm also so blessed to be woken up by my mom for the next few days and to visit the places that made me who I am. I like not having to wash my dishes in my shower here or to pay for my laundry. 

But most importantly, I'm so thankful that anytime I call upon God in prayer, His presence immediately captures my heart and I feel safe and loved. 

God will always be my home, no matter where I go.

Marriott Battle