Marriott Battle

We Were Made of Love

 Today I was given a glass bottle of Coke-a-Cola. On my way back to my dorm, I was wondering what I could do with the bottle other than throw it away. It was so cool and I didn't want to just put it in the trash, but I did eventually because I saw no other use for it. See, the bottle was made specifically for Coke. It had the Coke label on it and the Coke cap, and the capacity for a regular soft drink. 

Then I realized I was like a Coke bottle.

Humans were made to love. 

God put desires into our deepest hearts and embeds them into our most basic traits so we will crave Him. No, not all love specifically craves God, but He created us with a heart so full of love that nothing else will satisfy our souls.  

I just got back from having an unofficial weekly tea time with one of my friends. He keeps me grounded and I keep him humble, we're honestly complete opposites, but work so well together. God made us meet right before college; and while we interpreted that as a possible destiny, God simply wanted a strong friendship for us to weather the first few storms of college together and to remind each other of what home feels like at college. 

Whenever I'm around him or any of my other Christian friends, I feel God's presence so thoroughly in my soul. Watching people you love live out a life according to God's will and walking in His presence makes you crave that too.

Friendship love should be equal halves accountability and praise. As Christian brothers and sisters, we need to keep each other in check, but celebrate the victories that God gives us. Friendship is such an amazing bond of knowledge and love. I thank my God always when I think of all the friends I have that are so rooted in his truth and love. 

God also created romantic love. I honestly value romantic love so highly because I have lived my whole life almost waiting for marriage. I hold onto the hope that God has literally made someone for me as he has made me for him. I think romantic love, through a husband and wife, is one of the biggest blessings God gave us as people.

Today, we feel lonely and sad because we don't have instant access to love. It isn't for sale and the intimacy our should hunger for isn't where we might think it ought to be. Our society craves an intense and instant 'love hit' that immediately affirms our spirit. Our cravings for love and affirmation are why social media is so popular and addictive- Instagram literally turns 'liking' into a status of fame. 

But God didn't design love for Instagram. He designed it for us. 

When God was making humans, He could've just made it so that we only adored Him- but He created free will and gave Adam his Eve so that we might have something on Earth to love. He wants us to love one another as brothers, to love one other person as a spouse, and to love Him as the God of all creation and the creator of this world.

Honestly, the most intimate and healthy love you should ever have is with your Heavenly Father.

If anyone's ever been on a first date, you know how awkward it is. And the more you go on, the more awkward and hard they get. They become more of an interview process where you talk about your past experiences and find out if y'all fit each other's 'job descriptions'. But Jesus not only knows your past, but he knows your present and your future. He also knows all your possible outcomes. You are literally talking to someone who knows more about you than you can ever know. 

So, why would you settle for less? Why would you seek your value in the number of likes you get on your tweet? Or how many times you were super liked? Or how many comments you got on your edited selfie?

You are made to be filled with God's love. He put His mark on you by making you in His image. You can only feel the elated joy of true love when you are in a completely truthful and loving relationship with Him. And honestly, that's the best love you could possibly have. So why would you want anything else?


Marriott Battle