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A Dollar for Your Soul

What if a dollar could save your soul?

Does that mean your soul costs a dollar? That all that you've lived for; all your hopes, dreams, your actual self amounts to one hundred pennies, or ten dimes, or twenty nickels?

No. But please look at my math because I'm a theatre major and that kindergarten math trip was rather difficult for me. 

In my evangelism class, my professor begs his students to give generously. Wheeler, my teacher, relentlessly states that Jesus lived generously, so if we model our lives after Him, why wouldn't we give?

Wheeler stood in from of his class of roughly four hundred students and enticed them to come forward to get money. If you're a college student, or have ever been one, you'll know there was not much standing between us and the cash. But Wheeler said that the one dollar bill came with a price far greater than any paper money. He told us to give in the name of Jesus. Wheeler started telling us about all the times he'd tipped his waitress and shared the Gospel with her, or the times he'd paid people to preach to their congregation. Wheeler explained that to truly live for the gospel, you have to give all the 'treasures' of this world to share the true treasure of Jesus. 

When a teacher who seems pure in all he does and his intents, you want to listen to him. His honestly and persuasion calls his students to follow his example. 

So I took my dollar and I sat back down. Immediately, the Devil started filling my head with doubt. My school has a meal plan for every student so that cash is really not necessary. I don't have my wallet with me unless I'm going off campus or on a date. I knew that an opportunity to pay for someone wasn't going to come without me looking for it. 

But God had already paved a way in my heart and in His perfect timing.

That weekend, a group of my friends were heading to Raleigh, North Carolina to stay at my friend's house. I had already texted one of my favorite people, my ex boyfriend, who went to NC State and would be around that weekend.

Before you start to wonder, I am friends with almost all of my exes- but this guy held a special place in my heart.

I started dating this guy freshman year. He was my first real boyfriend. We've kept in distant contact for four years, and as with all my exes, he's constantly been in my prayers. For reasons that I don't have to explain, I'm not going to name names or disclose any personal information because we aren't that close and this is God's story- not mine or his. 

Anyway, I showed up to NC State and got ready for a dinner with my ex. The last time I had really talked to him, I had been suicidal, depressed, and in a constant battle with my father. Now I was full of light, forgiveness, and a constant love of God's redeeming promises and life. 

My transformation was so radical that even a person in the darkest circumstances couldn't be blind to it. 

So I went to dinner. After endless dabs and poking fun at Liberty's rule systems, the small talk ended and he began to tell me some pretty personal stuff. Reader, my heart broke for my first love. I had never seen him full of God's light, but I had also never seen him this broken. The tears started to flow. As with every bumbling Christian, I began to hit the cliches. 

"You know God loves you and He has already healed you..."

"Have you tried praying?"

"When was the last time you looked to someone higher than humans?"

Guys, I've said it before and I will say it again, atheism concerns me so much because I wouldn't be alive right now if I believed that human beings were the highest form of power in this world. 

I started to ask my friend about where he thought he would end up if he didn't believe in heaven or hell. The question of forever will always plague the unbelievers because they might imagine reincarnation, and if I don't believe in that- I have nothing to lose. But if Christians are right about eternity, the unbelievers have everything to lose. 

My friend admitted that he wasn't too sure about what would happen after he died, and then I said the words that changed the conversation. 

"I'm not going to stop talking to you about Jesus because I want to spend eternity with you."

As Christians, how much do we have to hate someone to not tell them the gospel? For unbelievers, they don't lose anything by 'converting' us to disbelief; but for believers, they lose eternity.

My friend started to cry and I thought back on what Wheeler had told us. He had illustrated our calling to tell people about the gospel by giving us a dollar bill. That dollar was now in my wallet and I knew what I had to do. 

"I will pay for dinner, pay for the date you could have gone on tonight, pay for anything if you let me talk to you about God for one hour tonight, man."

Reader, God's timing is perfect, so I choose to believe it wasn't in His perfect plan when my friend said he couldn't tonight. 

I was promised a visit up to Liberty and a chance to show him what community really looked like at my university. But until then, I will just have to be on my knees for my brother to see God as clearly as I do. 

The rest of the conversation went well because we were able to talk about some of the deeper things in life without any awkward pauses. One thing I love about my friend is how brilliant he is. Even if he doesn't quite believe something, he wants to know every aspect of the argument and all the facts before he stands firm on his decision. 

When the check came, I grabbed it. He looked at me with confusion and said, "but you didn't lecture me about Jesus yet."

I just smiled and said, "Who do you think we've been talking about all night?"

Guys, ministry doesn't have to come when you're on the streets of the Bronx converting drug dealers and prostitutes. Ministry comes when the light inside your soul begins to shine too brightly for you to be able to contain it. We aren't supposed to keep it in because God has given us each a platform and the means to share His word. You don't always have to be searching for a way to hand out the metaphorical fliers, but you do have to search for God in everything. He will show up because He is always there.

I thank God so much for that night. I went into dinner with prayer to keep my mind on Him, and I came out of it with the hope of spending eternity with my brother. God is so good. 

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