Marriott Battle

Fighting the Great Fight

I honestly don’t know when I first experienced spiritual warfare. 

The fight I've experienced with Satan and his realm in the spiritual world has been going on for so long, it’s almost second nature for me to wake up, fight all day, and then go to bed exhausted.

I’m not a preacher, or a Bible scholar, or anyone remotely knowledgeable about the spiritual realm, but I do know that God has provided us with a myriad ways to overcome Satan that are not by my own doing, but through the Lord's strength. 

So why do I still take it on myself to fight the battles?

I think a big part of my spiritual battles have been caused by my words and the power they have over me. I should speak beautiful things to myself like "I am loved", "I am a daughter of the King", and "I have a purpose". These beautiful words are Biblically correct and things God has said about all of His children at some point. 

But my default is to curse myself and claim the worst over my life. 

While I talk about my mental health a lot, I need to stop saying I am something, and start saying "I've suffered with", or "I'm overcoming" because in the end, if we don't claim our victories- how do we ever expect to obtain them?

Also, if the Creator of the Universe can speak blessings and truth into every human on this Earth, why can't we do that for ourselves?

I know that so many people don't believe words have a huge impact on their lives- or really on anything. And as a creative writing minor, that hurts. 

But honestly, words have the ability not only to create, but also to destroy ours and others' lives.

Neither God nor Jesus spoke negative things. They spoke blessings and Biblical truths. And what Bible quotes are on the background of our phones or under our Instagram pictures? The ones from Job when he’s getting cursed and hating his life, or the ones from Matthew about the promises the Holy Trinity has in store for us? 

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this yet, but every time I say something negative about myself, or even something that might not be God’s best for me, my mother yells at me to "renounce that in Jesus’ name". 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in my dorm room, rolling my eyes and claiming in a monotone voice that I renounce whatever curse I just had spoken over myself. 

But honestly, what if spiritual warfare was so prominent and ubiquitous because all the curses we speak over ourselves on a daily basis really do have power over us? 

In all actuality- that’s true. God has given us power over our bodies and minds. We have the power to bless or to curse ourselves. So why do we so often try to curse ourselves? 

Why do we do the enemy’s work for him? 

Our hearts desire to be blessed and to bless, but our mouths are accustomed to speaking in the ways of the world. 

My new guilty pleasure on YouTube is a guy named Shane Dawson. I actually love his videos because no matter how sad I am, I always find myself busting up with laughter over his jokes or expressions or just his presence on the camera. But no matter how successful and great he is, he always manages to weave in a degrading comment about himself. He constantly talks about how big he is and how he’s not that confident in himself. He has made a name for himself by cursing it.

Yet he’s a YouTube star. 

To get technical, he has 14 million subscribers, 2.7 billion viewers, and his net worth is 4 million. But yet he still hates himself. 

While people may not be that successful, wouldn’t so much change if we stopped looking at the negatives of our lives and claiming them as identifiers and began to notice our blessings and claim them as our birthright? 

God gives us so many blessings everyday, and yet we focus on the negatives still. It's the pull of the world to degrade ourselves. Sometimes it's funny. But the curses and hatred we speak over ourselves allow the enemy to come in and strike us down even further.

So yes, I deal with spiritual warfare daily. But, it's a fight God has equipped me to win because my Heavenly Father has already conquered everything that this world can throw at me. My God believes in me and cherishes me, and I should too. 

Wow, that was almost a cheesy ending. 

But honestly, for the next week, try to catch yourself before you speak anything that is not directly in God's truth and speak a blessing over yourself instead. I think if we all start to rewire ourselves to make blessings the default instead of curses, the enemy will begin to lose his foothold on our lives. 

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