Marriott Battle


A couple of nights ago I registered for college classes.


Yes, I am almost nineteen and have been accepted to my college for almost a year now, but it feels so weird. I'm a college student. I have a college schedule. I have a roommate and a hall and a major. When did I grow up??

At Liberty University, class registration opens up at midnight and goes on until (maybe) the first day of classes.

Disclaimer: I am an incoming freshman so I don't know everything and I will probably get some of my facts wrong.

I assume you can continue to add or drop classes in the first few days (weeks?) until you feel that your schedule is just perfect for you, your major, and your roommate's sleep (Sorry Jen!) I think the most comedic thing about class registration was the groupchat. I am in a Groupme of a ton of the incoming Freshman at Liberty. Yes, I have it on mute; but sometimes it's really interesting to talk in and read people's takes on the University.

When it came time to register, the chat elevated from a four to a ten on the energy level almost immediately. All of us realized that we might not be as prepared for college as we would hope and we might be in trouble. I actually realized that the registration was that night. Yes, signing up for classes had been in the back of my mind for a while, but I absent-mindedly assumed I would 'get it done' the way I've done most things in my life; slowly and with a lot of nagging from Mamma Linda.

So Sunday night I prepared myself with reading scripture (Jesus calling and a chapter from a book in the Bible) and praying my small vending machine prayer,"Dear God, please place me in the right classes with the right people at the right times. I don't know what the future holds for me at Liberty, but You have mapped out every second of my days there. Guide me and don't let me cry too much. And please let me get that professor that everyone wants." Yes, short and brief, but after a night of worrying and consulting my equally clueless senior friends, the prayer heaved a little bit of worry off my back.

I know I set an alarm for eleven forty five, just in case I gave up procrastinating sleep and simply dreamed I signed up. I began watching something on Netflix, probably 13 Reasons Why, my problems always seem smaller after put into prospective with that show.

Finally the witching hour came and I signed onto and opened about ten tabs on my little computer in preparation.

My friends joined me via the internet, and yes the site crashed. With mixed reviews (4/10 stars mostly) I got my 'perfect' schedule, a list of emails from my advisor asking what the heck I'm doing and a roommate who is taking eight a.m. classes.

Yes,  was stressed, but instead of panicking or crying I looked to my Father and prayed my way through. Only time will tell if I made the right choices or if I signed up for all junior classes.

Love and kisses,

Princess Marr

Marriott Battle