Marriott Battle

A Prayer Before Graduation

Dear Lord,

There have been so many nights when I've lain just as I lay now in my bed and begged you to just get me through another day. That you would pour out your blessings on me and fight my battles before they even came. Lord, I didn't talk to you nearly enough in my first few years at this school. Thankfully, I've grown since then and I learned that only you can hang the moon and I shouldn't pin my adoration on any person whom you made because you will have always been their reason of creation.

I have imagined this day since I could walk in my hallowed school halls. I remember every year going closer and closer to the senior lounge. I have been to nearly every graduation in the last fourteen years, and most baccalaureates. Every time, I placed myself up there with the older kids. I wondered what I would look like, if my love for the stage had gone away, or if I would be one of the speakers. 

I loved growing up. Lord, you gave me such a blessed life. You shielded me from any real problem or danger and you kept me pure and unharmed. My school also reigned me in a lot. I thank my teachers and peers, from whom I have learned who I am and who I want to be. I have a feeling I will always be thanking them and thinking back on the lessons I learned outside of the classrooms. Lord, you shone a light on every person I met and every person I saw. You allowed me to have blessed relationships and to grow into the person I am now. Thank you so much for the fantastic people you allowed me to merge paths with.

Thank you for my family. While sometimes they may seem overwhelming, or quite odd; they are really the reason I will be graduating tomorrow. Thank you for my fiery Sister. She inspires me everyday to be as crazy and passionate as she. She is always on my side and will never let me be too caught up in myself to miss the view. Lindley has taught to love with everything I have and show it always. Thank you for my Mother. She has guided me through every storm and sat up every late night with me when the monsters in my dreams leaked into my days. Mom has taught me that You, God, cast out all fear and I am most powerful with You by my side. Thank you for my Dad. He sat with me so many nights trying to give me his love of learning and help me through some of the hardest academic trails. Dad taught me that you can never know to much, and he made me want to know everything I could.

Lord, tomorrow I'm graduating. Tomorrow I will be forced into a sea of ugly gowns and people who have more tassels than I, and I will probably trip outside at least once. But I'm graduating. Forsyth Country Day School has been such a home base for my life for seventeen years now, and tomorrow I will officially not belong there any more. That's amazing. I could easily go through every grade year I've been there (fourteen) and tell you the biggest blessings, but boys and musicals would probably be in the majority, and you already know them. But, one thing that I will always remember about my Alma Mater is my relationship with you growing. 

I remember the first few times I really cried in school and going into the bathroom stalls and praying. I remember proclaiming in second grade that I wanted to be a nun to get away from the boys and closer to you (I was so serious about that). I brought Jesus calling to school, I prayed over my meals, I asked for prayer circles before every show and every time a curtain went up. You have been the best part of my time at FCDS, Lord, and I thank you so much. 

So, tomorrow as I walk down the aisle and accept the piece of paper that I've waited my entire life to get, I'll be praying to you and thanking you for all the times I've had at school and that made me who I am. I love you so much and I can't wait to serve you and proclaim your word in many different places in the future.

Forever your princess,


Marriott Battle