Marriott Battle

Today, I am Not Ready for College

I'm a firm believer that God gives all of us just enough grace for every day. 

But instead of waiting for God's perfect timing, I often get ahead of myself and look towards the future. There's nothing wrong with looking forward to what God has promised or planned for you, just as long as you stay in the moment while you do so.

I've been waiting for college since I could walk. In middle school, I had a big dream of going to Yale because it was the only college I had heard of. In high school I figured out my major and realized that Yale may not be the right place for me. With hindsight being 20/20, I can see how perfectly God presented Liberty University to me at a time that I needed a new place to call home. 

My mom and I have done all the shopping and I've gone through my clothes. I know my roommate and my major. Liberty University has been such a sure thing for so long that I never really had to worry about worrying about it. But now I'm looking ahead and listening to people that aren't my mentors and whose views contrast with the assurance that I've felt from God and I'm horrified. 

I don't expect to waltz into college and meet all my best friends and pass every class without a blink of the eye. I've seen Legally Blonde, I know college isn't easy. But God has made such a path for me to go to Liberty that I know he will watch out for me there. 

The other day I was with my best friend at the mall. I wasn't even thinking of Liberty, but I checked my phone and my friend had texted me. He told me that he loved me and was praying for me. These texts are normal for me and my friends from Liberty. We've all opened up to each other and talk freely and lovingly about Jesus and our victories. We also know each other's struggles so we can keep each other accountable and know for what to pray. 

I can rest in the assurance that God isn't throwing me into the metaphorical 'lion's den', (no, I did not really just call my. college a lion's den, I'm just scared) I know my Heavenly Father will be with me like he has been every single day up to this point as I planned for college.

Another assurance is how perfectly Liberty has lined up for me. Everything came at the exact time and every hope I had for college was promised to me by God. While some people still out that I'll survive and thrive at Liberty, I know God's hands are already all over my college path.

Every moment in your life can be seen as a God moment if you take out the words 'coincidence', 'chance', and 'luck' and replace them with 'God's timing', 'opportunity', and 'blessed'.

Yes, I'm scared. I'm scared that I'll forget to pack my underwear and not realize until my mom has left. I'm scared that for a month I won't know where I can honestly call home. I'm scared that I'll have my heart broken- not by boys, but by my University.

But fear is so not from God. In fact, fear is presented to us by the Devil when he sees something amazing that God wants to do in us. The Devil just wants to get in the way of The Kingdom's glory.  So I'm going to trust that  God has had a perfect plan for me at Liberty and that I will flourish if I stay close to him.

College is scary. I'm not even there yet and I already want to cry. But the God who defeated death, created the mountains and formed the seas, and crafted metas called me to go there.

Blessings and peace, my friends. 

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