Marriott Battle

What is Your Major?

God has a calling on your life. 

Groundbreaking, I know. You've heard this phrase before, I never said I was original- just honest. One of the most common ice-breakers in college or at the end of high school is, "what do you want to do with your life?"When I was little I thought adults were playing a trick on me, like asking what I want to be, while in the end I'll just end up being a waitress. Yes, I was cynical even at that age.

BUT- no matter how you cut it or when you decide, God has called you to be something; and if it's in God's plan, it'll happen.

So is this another self help blog telling you to figure out your life, get a degree, and go work for the rest of your days on this Earth? Heck no! I'm honestly writing this because I struggle with my calling on a daily basis. I've never heard God simply say, "Markey, you're going to be an actress." But God has put people in my life and put me in circumstances in which I never should have been and that's how I found my calling.

And now I'm at college studying actors, belting in my dorm, and watching Newsies on my laptop... 

And I'm calling it my job.

But what about my friends who are literally switching they majors right now because they feel like God has called them to do something else? What about the fact that nearly everyone at Liberty is a youth pastor or worship major? I've always stood out (mostly because of my lack of a filter and subtlety) but what if it's my time to fit in?

Well, God didn't make me to fit in. That's an argument you can tell anyone who tries to shame you for being comfortable with yourself and your calling. While not fitting in, in some cases is crucial; loving your enemies, accepting everyone, and not giving into temptation are not really 'normal' in this world.  So, are Christians really supposed to fit in?

I give pause to people when I tell them that I want to share the Gospel, but I'm an actress. Honestly, I give pause to myself, too. When I think of an actress, I think of Marilyn Monroe- and spreading the gospel was on of the few things she did NOT spread. Okay, Christian blog...

But how can I pursue acting, even though it's not primarily Christian, and still praise Jesus?

The answer is simple. Jesus says "Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation" (Mark 16:15). Jesus didn't say 'go be a missionary', or 'go be a pastor', or 'go lead worship'. He just said "Go".

Everyone's 'go' is different. Some people's jobs will literally be to spread the Gospel. But isn't that all of our 'jobs' as Christians? While it may not be printed in a resume, or listed as a special skill, we still have to proclaim the Gospel to everyone. Not just the people who show up at the church you're pastoring, not the people in the crowd raising their hands in worship, but the people going to see a play who are so buried in depression that they can't even clap at the end of the show. The people in the football stands who are searching for a love that won't leave them broken and damaged. 

Those are the people we are called to reach, no matter what your calling. 

So. yeah, I'm an actor who loves Jesus more than anything and I owe him everything. But my calling isn't just to be an actor, it's to share the Gospel in any and all the ways in which I am able. and I will blend because, at the end of the day, isn't that all of our callings? 

Marriott Battle