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Adventures in the Ordinary

Growing up, I always wanted to live away from home. 

I would read books like The Chronicles of Narnia or Anne of Green Gables and I would plead with my heart to go on adventure with the characters. I remember often packing up a small bag full of essentials, stuffed animals and a blanket, then sitting on a cushioned chair for hours and pretending to watch the world outside my train window. 

Driving to college didn't seem like a ride on the Hogwarts Express though, it seemed like a journey to the beach that would never end. 

In all my dreams, I thought of ridiculous scenarios like becoming a princess and getting shipped off to a school in England, or going to an art school and getting taught to dance all day and forced to study all night. But college is a lot like a camping trip with homework. You can skip your classes or take them all in one sitting, everyone just wants to have fun and be loved. I thought I would love the adventure; but my true passion is lying in bed just like at home.

I thought of crazy stories like meeting some celebrity or falling in love with a story book character that came to life, but I met my boyfriend in a four hundred person lecture class. 

Everyday as a child was interesting for me. I would open a book or pack a bag and just run around my room completely immersed in the world of make believe. Now, I don't even have time to catch up on the real world. 

I love my spirit of adventure and my longing for something more. God gives us these huge hearts and imaginations for a reason. He begs of us to be creative and to fall in love with not only the world in which we live, but also what it can become. 

I fell in love with my stories. 

I think of how ironic my life is right now that I am literally at the pinnacle of what I've desired: living away from home, pursuing God, acting and learning, and in love; but I still don't see the adventure in everyday like I did. 

Believe it or not, I think I've calmed down. I've grown up. I know that if any of y'all know me really well, that's concerning because after a cup of coffee, I'm the exact opposite of calm. But I've learned that life doesn't have to be this unending adventure, it just needs to be a continuation of complete hope in God and He will fulfill your needs and desires from there. 

The last time I was home, I remember bringing my boyfriend upstairs to show him the room in which I grew up, and I thought how many times I'd run to that room to retreat to the land of make believe. I took Shakespeare seriously when he said, "all the World's a stage". I made my life an endless show of possibilities and circumstances and I begged to live them out. And now I can.

Over this past semester, I've regained my love for the extraordinary. I find the smallest things, like guessing a number right on the math exam to DMing a boy back in my religion class as God moments. I've learned that my Heavenly Father is the author and creator of this world and He will see to it that my life is extraordinary as I pine for it to be, as long as He's in it. 

My soul still wants that moment of uncertainty that can so clearly lead to an adventure or a discovery. I'm still childlike in the way I see snow as a dance of avoiding the cold angel's tears, or how I run when I hear detached footsteps for fear of a villain coming around the corner. But I've also learned that my life is an adventure enough without me having to add make believe to it.

I've learned how fun and extraordinary life can be when you place it in the hands of God and let your Creator take hold of your life. After all, He created it, so why can't He help you with it?

My life in college hasn't been as adventurous as Harry's at Hogwarts or Abigale's in Dance Academy but I have learned to accept and seek out the adventure in the everyday and find and enjoy the little pieces of fun God puts in your life everyday.

-this was a long rant I decided to post last minute because my mind is mush from the exams and I honestly would have hopped on the Night Train right now and zoomed off to Hogwarts if I had a chance. 

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