Marriott Battle

The First Break of College

Good morning, afternoon, or four AM. I hope y'all all have had a wonderful break from your college lifestyle and have been able to reflect on all the growth that you've undergone in just the past five or six months of school.

If you're anything like me, you're still reeling from your first semester of college. I know, it's been a month, but today I slept until 3:30 PM because I have second hand exhaustion from the lackadaisical effort I put into my academics, or I just stayed up until 3 AM talking to my boyfriend about Disney World.

I know, pathetic. But oh well. 

Today, I thought I'd make a little list of all the things you experience when you come home from college for the first few times.

1. You've become really self-sufficient

My mom still doesn't want to admit that I've grown up. When we got all my bags up to my room from college, I immediately started going through all my clothes and deciding what to sell and what to keep. Then I vacuumed my room and dusted. I'm pretty sure my mom has not seen me sweep unless I'm on a mission trip. I used cleaning as a form of therapy  in college because Liberty requires us to keep our dorms clean, so it's really for a good cause. I sweep, do dishes, take out the trash, and really get a thrill when I can do laundry for free! Wow. I'm a dork. But a semi-grown up one. 

2. Everything is really quiet

Whether you live on campus or off, more than likely it'll be hard to find complete silence. While I don't really appreciate the howling laughter in my dorm at three in the morning, I do like the unfocused chatter coming from my hall at all times. In college, there's always something happening that can sweep you up in the excitement. The ebb and flow of activity is reassuring and comforting, but loud and unceasing. Also, you can just log across your room and talk to one of your best friends about anything and everything at all hours of the day or night. It's such a blessing to have a roommate because she is always so close to you, figuratively and literally. I miss talking to Jen about life and boys and Zoella. I hate not being able to pray with her or discuss our days anymore. Once I got home, I realized how quiet my little house is with just my mom and me in it. And I really miss the opportunities for conversation and the discussions outside of my door as a result.

3. You were a bit healthier at school

One of the biggest myths I've found in college is how unhealthy you will be once you step foot onto your college campus. Sure, I indulge in some fries and ice cream every now and then, but my main diet is salads and at least two balanced meals. With my class schedules, I'm forced to eat at least two meals a day to keep up mentally, and usually a third to interact socially. Also, snacking is not usual because of the distance from my dorm to the cafeteria, I can't stand at my fridge and get chips and salsa at all hours of the night either. At home, I sleep until noon and eat whatever sweets my mom has gotten me for breakfast. While I'm blessed for the goodies, my stomach is suffering. I can't tell you how many times I've craved my salad bar or even a bowl of fruit from the school dining hall. That being said, I will have withdrawals from my ice cream in the freezer and my mom's homemade Mac and cheese once I go back to school.

4. You have two homes now

The amount of times I've called Liberty 'home' is actually unhealthy. I'll be talking to Momma Linda and proudly exclaim how much I miss home, even though we are sitting on the hearth of my little Winston Salem house. Home is where you're most comfortable and where the core of your memories and the pinnacle of your comfort is achieved. That's both Liberty and my house for me now. And I really love having that relationship with my school.

5. You have two families now, too

Nearly every one of my friends is referred to as my brother or sister. Yes, we have the added bonus of claiming the 'sisters in Christ' or showing 'brotherly love' that comes with Christianity, but the bond that everyone on Liberty campus has so easily causes a constant brother-sister relationship in nearly every friend group. I honestly do not understand how I've survived eighteen years without the Gal Pals, or Christian's self promotions, or Wil's height confusion. My friends became my family immediately when I stepped onto campus and I couldn't have asked for a better group.

6. High school who?

I went back to my high school one of the first times I came home. Nothing had changed. But I realized how removed I had become from the life I had there. I went to that school for fourteen years and four months away from it made me realize how much I thrived afterwards. Yes, FCDS will always be my school and I can't wait to go back for the plays and graduations, but it was never my home, and I don't really mind leaving it in my past.

7. College is the best thing that's happened to you

Have I mentioned I miss college in this blog five hundred times yet? I do. I miss being able to see thousands of faces everyday that I don't know but I still have a bond with due to our shared exhaustion or even our similarities of age. I miss free and healthy food. I miss living within five minutes from my best friends. I honestly cannot wait to be back home at Liberty and complain about how long the break was, then complains about the sleep deprivation we all are going to experience in the new semester.

Thank you, God for giving me all the blessings and love for my new home. Thank you for the growth and the friends I've made in just six months. I pray that you'll have your hand on me in the next seven semesters and I'll continue to grow into the woman you designed me to be at the end of my education.

If you have realized any other changes since you've gotten home, I'd love to hear them! Just leave a comment down below!