Marriott Battle

Confessions of a College Know-it-All

I though it would be fun if wrote I some things I've done and habits I've created since I started  college this past fall and honestly, how I've survived the first semester (Survived is not the appropriate term; crawled through, slept during, and cried in class during might be more appropriate). So, now to my most shameful and prideful confessions. On the internet. For your judging and viewing pleasure!

If you've done any of these or have some to add, please comment down below so I don't feel like a loser and we can bond over our weird college habits!

1. I have never gone to class without makeup

I'm honestly pretty proud of this one. I'm a firm believer in the 'looking good, feeling good' mentality. I think that as long as I can get out of bed at least forty minutes before class, I at least try to look my best and not the way I always feel (dead, dying, crying, and crushed). I also almost always decide to wear a cute outfit, rather than the leggings and XL t shirt, but that ensemble makes a guest appearance every now and then. But I honestly find joy in creating new outfits and feeling good about myself when I leave my dorm room in the mornings. Plus, getting compliments while you're walking to your class is honestly one of the best feelings ever. 

2. I have had at least three mental breakdowns this week.

I had eight last week. College is school, a social gathering, a store, a restaurant, and a home all in one. When I say I'm stressed about 'college' it can mean anything from my tough theatre teacher to how I'm going to workout and watch "The Bachelor" in one night. Granted, getting stressed about binge watching and sweating might not be the worst thing, but I can break down over anything. Watch me.

3. I have looked up textbooks on YouTube

Okay, I was smart to search the books. I couldn't really understand... anything the author was saying about French theatre history, so I started doing my makeup and YouTubing French playwrights. I did well and my entire textbook is online. Work smarter, not harder. Plus, there is almost always some other source or something on your learning platform (I'm a visual learner) that will help you in a class. 

4. If I don't drink a full cup of coffee in the morning, bad things happen

My mom only said I was allowed to drink coffee if I liked it black. She also said it would stunt my growth. I'm short and I like my coffee bitter now, so Momma Linda did a good job. I had gotten used to pouring my cup of coffee and sipping it during my makeup routine in the morning during my first semester. Yes, college might be making me addicted to coffee, but at least it's not drugs, mom. I also feel like Lorelei Gilmore every time I pour a cup and sometimes I even make an extra one incase my day is going to be hard. I highly recommend coffee or tea every morning along with your whatever routine. It keeps me sane and happy. But not like drugs.

5. I'm becoming a morning person

Okay, mornings are not my thing. Ask my roommate. If I could, I'd sleep all day... And all night. Whatever, I like my bed. But I have learned that there's something magical about waking up to an empty room, pouring your coffee, watching YouTube, and just preparing yourself for the day to come. I think it's relaxing and you can also get more stuff done the earlier you wake up.

6. "What would Rory Gilmore do?" pops into my brain at least once a day

The high school years, not the college years. She gets (spoilers) crazy in the college years. Why did she leave Yale? Do y'all not remember Harvard? But I'll often walk with a book in front of my face, or spend hours studying and printing out material weeks ahead of classes because I just love learning and being in a scholarly environment with a scholarly mindset. Yes, my boyfriend does make fun of me for being a nerd.

7. Breakfast bars for all three meals are the move

Get hungry? Breakfast bar. Need a midnight snack? Breakfast bar. Cafeteria takes more than five minutes to walk to? Breakfast bar. Get sick of breakfast bars? Breakfast bar (in a different flavor). Yes, maybe they aren't the most substantial or healthy options, but with new and improved flavors, you feel less like you're eating cardboard and more like you're eating cardboard with yogurt! Plus, my boyfriend eats Tide Pods. Go hound him about his diet.

8. Sleeping through class is the best thing that's ever happened to me

If you hate a class, figure out how many skips you get, and take them when you are really not having a good day. Most professors will give you days off or cut class short, but it's always the droning, boring classes in which the teacher never gets sick or always has 'one more thing to say' which leaves you stuck in the class room pining for your days in the sun. Overdramatic, sure, but true. As long as you don't skip a test day, sometimes it's better for your mental health and attention span if you just don't show up to every class.

9. Stress cleaning and working out are my love languages

If I ever feel in a rut or just uninspired, I clean my room. A few nights ago, I dumped all my makeup on the floor and sorted it out. My bed is never unmade and my dishes are always clean within two hours. I love cleaning and the appearance that you have everything together, at least on the outside. If I want to look good every day, why can't my room be the same? Most nights I go back to my room and workout for 15-30 minutes. It's a distressed for me, and I can watch YouTube while slimming my thighs. Win win. Mental health and coping mechanisms are always good in the long run. 

10. Momma Linda is no longer called after every class

Shoot, is she reading this? Good thing, because I referenced her about three times already. At the beginning of the year, I would call her to tell her that a kid dropped his pen in my class. Now I text her when I'm in another city or I need something (if you're reading this, please look for my headphones. They're somewhere in my room). My lack of contact doesn't mean I love her any less, I just have become more independent and I'm letting her graduate from 'mom' to 'friend'. 

*Conversation after she reads this 

Mom: I'll always be your mom!

Me: I call you Linda and set you up a Tinder

Mom: Is that still on my phone? Don't write this on your blog! I don't have a Tinder. Don't call me Linda! Call me mommy.

Me: Love you, class time. See you in a month.

But anyway, now you know all my confessions. I feel like these will only grow as I grow and learn just how lazy I can be.

Mom: Stop skipping classes too. Have you even watched Pastor Allen's sermon this week? Don't kiss boys! I love you and I'm proud of you!