Marriott Battle

The Freshman Ten

Well friends, it's over.  

The first year of college is done and I am still recovering. I don't think I've gone a full day without a nap yet. 

College kinda sucks. 

You're forced out on your own with no mom to hold your hand, and basically everyone around you is just as confused as you are, but you're all supposed to be the next leaders of the world. 

It seemed as though my college had more hope in me than anyone ever should. 

But I did it. 

By the end of the semester, I was just praying to get through my exams, not even to pass them. Of course I passed them- but that wasn't without about ten breakdowns a day, twenty online sermons, and a lot of Zoella.

But now I'm home and I have three months to do whatever I want. Well, whatever I want plus my two jobs, two mission trips, musical rehearsals, at least twenty books to read, and writing more blog posts than I can manage. 

Anyway, I want to reflect on my year right now. 

I was catching up with my best friend a week ago and she was talking about how much we grew, but how we couldn't really see it because we were constantly trying to catch up with everyone else constantly. She said how much we needed this time to see how God has changed us and grown us in the past nine months and to see why. 

Some here are my top ten moments of the year, I'm sorry, I'm in a rut so a cheesy blog post is all you're going to get for this week.

1. Move in

I'm an over-packer and I also hate packing. So moving all of my belongings into a small room was fabulous for me. But once I got to school, I was met with all the friends I had talked to over the phone since December. It was like a family reunion. And I loved feeling welcomed by people whom I felt I knew so well. The majority of those people would be my family for the next nine months. 

2. The first party

Not really a party, I do go to Liberty, but 'party' is a better label than 'a bunch of sweaty homeschoolers jumping around and breaking tables'. It was a luau in the ski lodge, which I still see as ironic. The most memorable moment was getting a picture with my crush, who I forgot about a month later. Way to go Liberty, way to go Markey. 

3. We beat Baylor

A chant that would be screamed at every convocation, sports game, and casual conversation for the rest of the year. Little Liberty University, what many people would call 'an online school' beat Baylor University. I don't know anything about sports, but I do know we got Monday classes cancelled because of the football upset and everyone was really energetic while we waited on the football field at four AM. And just so you know, the football team never played that well again, so I'm not sure if the win was really good for us. 

4. Homecoming 

And then we have the first and last actual sporting event I would go to this year. I walked out on the lawn and was greeted by a sea of red. The majority of our boys already had their shirts off and were painting up for the famous 'Jerry's Jokers'. The girls all had La Croix and were debating even going to the game. I don't remember who we played or if we won. I also left early. Theatre majors don't do sports. 

5. Gal Pals

One Saturday, a group of my friends all decided to dress up, do our makeup, and go downtown for pictures. Honestly, one of the best days I had at Liberty. We would later go to Raleigh and do about the same thing. Honestly, nothing beat just hanging out with them and talking in each other's rooms at night. I really hate that we're going to be separated next year. 

6. A Winston Holiday

Since I don't live next to my college, the holidays and distance were hard. So two of my friends came from opposite directions to meet in the middle and have a day with me in Winston! Many silly photoshoot ensued, but I got to see my family in my hometown, so that was a blessing. 

7. The Blizzard

I think every northerner hated us when Liberty shut down for a day due to about one foot of snow but I don't really care. Snow is my happy weather and being able to play in it with my college friends was an extreme highlight to the winter. Plus, we live on a mountain and have CFAW mats that we could use as sleds. 10/10, unless you didn't have snow pants and got soaking wet like I did...

8. Assassins

If you give a bunch of college kids on a conservative campus some nerf guns and the ability to shoot, they really love it. My entire hall was in some way involved in the game of assassins and I honestly have never been so paranoid. I think I ran around campus about ten times finding my target. I ended up in the top five, which was very impressive and I will take your applause because I really cannot aim for anything. 

9. The Baptisms

I wrote about this event on another blog, but I think this is arguably the most important part of the year. When almost everyone on my hall ended up at the lake at midnight on a Wednesday and nineteen people proceeded to publicly proclaim their belief in Jesus Christ. Honestly, that night was life changing and amazing. I think it was the epitome of seeing God move in front of us and the biggest blessing of which to be a part.

10. The last party

And it ended like it began, with another Luau. Why is that word spelled like that?? Anyway, a group of my friends went to the Shoe to go to yet another Hawaiian themed party to celebrate the end of classes. We danced, and sweated a ton, and when we got back, we did stick and poke tattoos. Is that the epitome of college? I don't know. I go to Liberty. 

So, there you have it. Ten unforgettable memories of my freshman year. I really couldn't have asked God for a better year or a better friend group, or anything. I love everyone who was a part of these memories, and even some that I left out. 

I can't wait to see what God has in store for the years to come at Liberty. Okay, a little cheesy, but I miss it a ton.