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The College How-To

Hello! I'm back, I'm so sorry for the sporadic posts lately- I really want to start blogging again more frequently- but I'm currently also trying to get my life together- at least for the summer.

BUT, since I survived freshman year of college (not only survived, your girl got on the Dean's list!) I wanted to talk about some things I learned last year. Yes, I know that nay ideas or lessons might not be that revolutionary or original, but maybe reading what I learned will help y'all out, even a little bit.

1. Freshmen will always pack too much

My mom made the comment that we packed so that  I would never have to go out and buy anything for the whole semester. You don't need to bring 4 rolls of paper towels, or 5 different bath towels. Pack in moderation. You should be comfortable in college, but your car going up there doesn't have to look like you're moving a family of 5. 

2. The way your room looks is now your responsibility

I don't know if your college will be like mine, but something I really ended up liking was the room cleanliness checks my RA's did. The checks required for my roommate and me to keep our rooms clean by making it our 'job' or responsibility. By the third month at college, cleaning became cathartic and almost fun for me.

3. You don't have to know everybody

By the second week of school, you will have met all of your hall mates, most of your class mates, and a ton of random people. These people might end up being your best friends, but you might never see them again as well. Don't stress about being the person who knows everyone. You'll find your people and do just fine.

4. Don't pick up everything that's free, you won't have room

At the end of the year, I threw away a ski hat, four football pom-poms, and nearly every coupon that I stored up all year long. Your room is probably already full of things from your home, you don't need to make it more crowded. That being said, a free water bottle and sleep shirt every now and then is pretty great.

5. You're in a magical place

Okay, that sentence sounded like something out of My Little Pony, but it's kinda true. You'll never be around people who are mostly your age or have pretty similar beliefs again. Take advantage of that- meet people and connect with them. The community in college is what I miss the most because of the strong connection you can have with everyone at school.

6. A 10 pound bag of potatoes is $4 at Walmart

Thank you to Ivanna and Sara Lynne for this tip, I lived off of potato finals week. While your school will probably have great food 24/7, nothing beats a buttery 10 cent potato, in my opinion. Walmart also sells vegan butter if you want to pretend to be healthy.

7. Make friends with people who live close to you.

And then take advantage of their cars.. Just kidding! But it's so much more fun to go home with a friend in the car than to go by yourself. I was usually driven home by my amazing friends (thank y'all!) and it was always a fun time. Plus, y'all can all get together throughout the summer!

8. Take advantage of your time to grow

Wow, I'm cheesy. But it's true. College is your time period to test out the person you're going to be for the rest of your life. It gives you a way to live on your own and have more freedom than you've probably ever had before. Take advantage of that. Have fun and grow into the person God has called you to be. 

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