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New Year, Same Me

Well, it's that time of year again! 

The time when you can't open Instagram without seeing collages and slide shows of 'the best of the year'. When your Twitter feed is flooded with, 'new year, new me' or, 'leaving this behind in 2018'. And don't even get me started on Facebook. 

Does the New Year really mean new opportunities? I was talking to my boyfriend last night and he was upset because, 'if you see something wrong with your life or want to change it, why do you wait for the New Year to do so?'

I chimed in saying that my new school year usually promised more of a change for me considering it was a status change rather simply a different number at the end of the '20'  

 New Yea'r resolutions have become a joke in this society. No one keeps them, and they aren't really that obtainable. 

"I want to drop three sizes".

"I want to find love".

"I want to be happy".

Okay? I want to be a princess, but I'm not exactly royal, nor dating one. So I can't cross the crown off my list for Santa. 

We make promises to ourselves without a plan and then get upset when the end of the year comes and we are still a size 6, forever alone, and crying on the couch eating chocolates.

So, make rules regarding your plans and goals. Maybe with a bit more structure and less audacious dreams, we might all accomplish a little more in the New Year. 

Here are my guidelines for New Year's resolutions that usually ensure more success:

1. Keep your goals manageable

While everyone wants to do the impossible, small goals might lead to big results and cause a less stressful route to obtaining a big plan. Instead of losing x count of weight, promise to workout for 10 minutes a week. That's manageable because it is small but still a plan that would yield more results than 'just working out'.

2. Keep it measurable

Many people use the word 'more' in their resolutions. 'I want to get out 'more''. I want to be 'more' happy'. I want to go on 'more' dates'. Well, if you don't do anything at all, 'more' is once. I like to set a numeral goal of reading books. That way, I can know how many I've read and how many I have left. It's measurable and therefore, doable.

3. Don't assume the new year will give you anything

Many people go into the new year thinking they will somehow turn into Superman when the clock strikes midnight. We make all these goals but can really only manage the small ones. I wanted to get rid of negative thoughts and start a YouTube channel this past year. Neither of those were accomplished because I didn't magically get rid of my brain patterns, nor gain the equipment. Promise yourself to improve, but not alter who you are. 

4. Keep a list in plain sight

All my planners have my New Year's resolutions in them. I want to be able to check off goals or be reminded. That way, I can't say I forgot about them or I couldn't remember the exact wording, therefore I wouldn't do them properly. If you keep a list with you in a planner or a notebook that you always have on hand, you will be more likely to accomplish your goals because you'll always have them as a reference point.

5. Pick a friendly number

Last year, I had twelve resolutions. After only getting to about 5 on the list, I've learned to set smaller goals. Rome wasn't built in a day, and the perfect 'you' you're planning on getting to with goals will be much more strong in the basics if you have only a few things on your resolution list. That being said, if you have millions of things you want to accomplish in the new year, you can write them all down and separate them into categories which you can make your resolution. Sub-points, if you will, about the things that will fit into your goal, but that aren't your big goal.

Okay, so with all this long past about resolutions, I figured I ought to write mine out, so can be kept accountable on and offline this year. 

1. Post at least once every other week on my blog

a. Keep a journal of post ideas

b. Write in advance when inspiration strikes

2. Read 36 books

3. Work out an hour once a week

4. Do four diets this year

a. Cut out dairy for two weeks

b. Cut out gluten for two weeks

c. Go vegetarian for one week

d. Go vegan for one week

5. Have the ability to make a Youtube channel

a. Find camera's charger

b. Make at least 20 video ideas before you begin

c. Channel name and banner

d. Theme

6. Make a comfortable space wherever you go

a. clean out closet and other unnecessary things

b. Find a theme for your bedroom and dorm room

c. Clean once a week

And there you go! I might add to the list, or expand on my sub-points. But the list of my ideals for the New Year are right there and accomplishable, measurable, and all the other jazz that I so desired. 

I hope y'all have a happy New Year and continue to strive to be your best, but not to pressure yourself     into any obscured or absurd goals.

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