Marriott Battle

Ring by Spring

College is weird.

Liberty University is like a church camp where everyone seems to be in a perfect Christian bubble. You step out into Lynchburg, or even out of your closest circle of friends and the bubble pops or gets thinner. We realize that the world won't always be a safe, Jesus loving camp.

Walking around college is one of the coolest experiences I get to have everyday. I get to see people I know and most people I'll never see again and I get to just watch what they do. No, I'm not a stalker so don't call LUPD, I just like watching people interact with others. Liberty's campus is full of some of the nicest people in the world. A group of my friends were walking to my roommate's car and a girl pulled over and asked I we needed a lift. As a young lady, I have almost never had to open a door for myself or even clear my plate at the cafeteria when one of my guy friends are around. After just one week I can see why people so value the community and the feeling of trust and respect that is all over this campus. 

While I walk around usually on my own due to my odd sleep pattern and scattered classes I get to see that most people usually walk around with friends or significant others. This college actually makes me realize how single I am because almost everybody has his or her other half, while I just have my phone and Jesus with me. 

I think the scariest thing about college is the chance that I might actually find my future husband here. On campus 'ring by Spring' is one of the most common jokes. It's a declaration that people yell out when they see people getting close and talking. Liberty University sometimes seems like a live action Christian Mingle or The Bachelorette. I know that, just having graduated from high school, I'm really happy that I didn't come out of it with a boyfriend. I really want to grow in college and work on becoming who I am in Christ, and quite frankly; while I'm odd now, I was really weird in high school.

But yeah. Everywhere I look it seems like everyone's finding their future partner for life and it scares me. 

What if I go through all four years of college and I never find anyone I like?

What if that 51% 49% of genders isn't real?

What if I am too weird?

What if God really just wants me to wait?

Why am I thinking about my husband when I have English homework to do?

I know I should trust the God who made me and is literally the best matchmaker in the world (all of his matches are a match made in heaven) but sometimes I don't want to look at my love life with wisdom, but curiosity. 

 I know that God knows all, but as a human, I want to know a little bit too. If I was in a Harry Potter film I could simply look at something in the headmaster's office and see a glimpse of the future, I think a glimpse of future me being happy with someone would make the wait easier. But what if I'm not? What if I rush?

Living on this campus is teaching me to let go of my worries and understand that God knows what is best, and if you give your worries to Him, He will make sure you have all the best, but no matter the logic- walking around alone on campus is hard. Knowing that when you get back to your dorm and all you have to text is your Mom about the day makes you kind of feel like a failure. And there's always the question of, 'what if I've already messed it up?"

But God won't let me mess it up. If it is in His plan and it is for my best, He will make a way. Worrying about how long I have to walk around campus without my hand being held or sit alone at the ROT won't make God's plan speed up, it'll only aid the enemy in making me believe that I should invest in cats. 

So yes, I haven't found my "ring by September" yet, I might not even find it by senior year Spring. But God has not only already found him, but has made a plan for me to find him since the beginning of time. So here's to hoping that my left finger won't always be naked and I never stop wanting to walk with Jesus more than with a guy.


Marriott Battle