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The Dating Game

Ever since I learned how to pray, I've been praying for my future husband.

I used to be that kid in her nightgown expecting 'him' to come up out of the blue and say, 'I've been thinking of you ever since I could remember. You're my future wife!'

Quite frankly, if someone did that now I'd probably run away and call one of my big friends to beat them up.

I think we've stopped believing in fairy tales. 

I know I had dreams of becoming a princess, so why now would I just hope that my future husband and I make enough to eat? Or all the expectations I set for my future man, they didn't just disappear with age, I stopped thinking I deserved them and I began to settle. 

Now, this isn't me being discontent with my present relationship or any previous ones, it's just a realization. 

Every person deserves someone who makes them realize what all her prayers really accomplished. 

Our relationships should draw us closer to God not only because of the strong, shared bond of Christianity, but also because the right person will make you say, 'oh, this is who I've been praying for!' 

Your person should make you feel like you are home whenever you see him. Or you hold the world in your arms when y'all hug. Okay, I'm cheesy. But it's my blog, I get to be. 

But as children of God, we settle all the time. We settle with our attitude because our favorite team lost a game, or our phone died, or maybe we didn't do too well at something we've prepared for too long. 

As children of the King, we need to know our inheritance is rich and we deserve the world, which God promises to us.

A very 'Sunday school Bible verse' is Jeremiah 29:11: "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" God's promise to us is so amazing, but we know it so well that it's become pedestrian and ubiquitous to us instead of startling and ground breaking. 

Now, do we walk around with our noses high in the air because God has promised good to us? If you've been reading my blog for more than this post, you know my hyperbolic rhetorical questions always end in a 'no'. 

(Imagine how hard writing an educational essay is for me when I can't ask rhetorical questions to get my meaning across to my teachers.)

The only changing action we should take with the knowledge of the Lord's promises is never to settle. 

I want to go back to my relationship analogy. We begin to expect less once we've been in a few failed ones. 

Holding the door is annoying for the guy and unnecessary for the girl. Do we really have to get one check, even when we live together? What is the deal with in-person conversations compared to text?

We get so acquainted with the normal, less pretentious dating rituals, so we expect the bare minimum for all to follow.

While my observations on dating do fit perfectly, they can easily be copied and pasted, with minimum editing, into our relationship with God.

Do I need to act like I'm His at all moments? Who cares if I didn't talk to Him for our regular hour tonight? Honestly, I've had a really bad day and He's caused a lot of my pain. 

We sometimes treat our relationship with God like we would when we're in a fight with our significant others. 

We put Him on the back burner, or forget to talk to Him about our day. We cheat on Him by flirting with sin and other distractions. The boundaries you set up in y'all's relationship? The Ten Commandments? Those have become less and less of a priority the more comfortable you've gotten with His omnipresence. 

I wonder if we treated our relationship with God like we ought to and incorporated all the expectations and hopes that came along with being a child of the Holy One, if we would begin to see our Earthly relationships flourish as well.

What happens when we see ourselves as valued and priceless? How about when our cost is justified by time spent with our Heavenly King? We begin to see others as His as well and our love overflows. We can no longer settle, because 'good enough' is not in God's real plan. God designed the best for His children to be blessed and to bless.

God needs to be our highest valued relationship, but unlike parasitical ones, His relationship with us will only flow out.

Once we love God, He will do the rest. He will give us His promised blessings, and maybe even our loves. 

No more settling. God commands us to know that we are loved and priceless and we ought to be treated as such.

Who knows, maybe a boy will stand up in your lecture class and tell you that he's the one. 

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