Marriott Battle

Think of a Wonderful Thought


The last blog post was full of tough times (overcame) and kinda dark stuff.. So this one will make up for any sad thoughts!

Honestly, I'm just going to make a list of things that make me happy because sometimes you just need a list, right??

If you agree with me, please share this little blog. If I left something out that you think is VERY important, please make your own list in the comments!!


My Happy List

1. Center Stage

2. New Yarn

3. Puppy Photos

4. Lipstick

5. Stars

6. Disney World

7. Fancy Covers on Books

8. Tea

9. A cozy Blanket

10. Stage Lights

11. Sparkling Water

12. The Sea

13. Ferris Wheels

14. Old Cars

15. Watermelon Gum

16. Dancing Barefoot

17. Bible Studies

18. Hammering in a Nail

19. A Fully Charged Phone

20. Bandanas

21. Long Skirts

22. Dictionaries

23. Ghost Stories

24. Hugs

25. Falling Asleep on a Book

26. Morning Coffee

27. Large Sweatshirts

28. High Heels

29. Winged Eyeliner

30. Bonfires

31. Fogged up Glasses

32. The smell of Gasoline

33. Book Shops

34. Christmas

35. Stuffed Animals

36. Heavy Rain

37. Worn Leather

38. The Moon

39. Sunbathing

40. Scratching an Itch

41. Thinking about an Itch and then Feeling one

42. Skinny Pens

43. Warm Donuts

44. Laugh Tracks

45. Floppy Hats

46. A Quick Kiss

47. Highlighting Pages

48. Pink Roses

49. Soft Colors

50. You


There now, don't you feel a bit more relaxed? Have a happy day and pass the positivity on!!

Marriott Battle