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Treat Yo' Self

About once a month, I have a day completely devoted to myself.

Today was that day.

I got up and it seems like everything was going wrong: My hairdryer blew a fuse, I was running late to my class, the French press made soapy coffee, I hadn't done my homework, my Jesus Calling wasn't great, and I could literally feel the devil taunting me.

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." 

John 16:33

Some days, you're gonna feel like the world is against you and everything is going wrong. Those days, I just remind myself that God has great plans for me and Satan is just trying to distract me from all the blessings I may encounter. So I got dressed and got ready for class, rode the elevator down, and rode it right back up. I decided to spend the day focusing on me. 

We are so drawn to God because He has the power that we so often think is in us. We want to do everything and not need anyone, but God calls us to literally submit to Him and rest in the fact that He will take care of everything.

I had been trying to be God in my life and I was run down because of the impossible task. While, yes, I could have gone to class, I knew that I could give myself a free day and just focus on myself instead of my studies. 

Here's what I do on my off days to prosper the most afterwards: 

Watch a sermon

Honestly, I love YouTube. I plug into more churches on YouTube than in real life. Whenever I feel like the world is running me down, I look up my home church, The Porch, or Transformation Church.  Usually I'll look up a sermon based on something I've been struggling with. It's honestly nice to snuggle up in bed with a Bible and a preacher. It's also more healthy to binge sermons than to binge Zoella. That being said...

Watch a show

A lot of the times I feel run down is because my brain is constantly trying to solve every issue it meets. We aren't called to know the answers or to go at life alone, but sometimes my anxiety makes me believe the lie that I should. When I can't switch my brain off and just give my worries to God, I go on YouTube or Netflix and spend an hour just watching things to get my mind off my troubles.


I deep clean my dorm once a month and sweep or dust about once a week. Cleaning the clutter out of your life not only improves your mental health, but it also makes your roommate really happy. Plus, it's so satisfying to sweep and see all the crap that's built up be thrown away.

Self Care

I have about eighty face masks at the ready always. If you have a spare $10, invest in a face mask. I do one every other night, and then for the ten minutes I have it on, I don't do anything strenuous or work related. It's a good reminder to just unwind and treat yourself. I also paint my nails or shave my legs or do something that I might put off because it's not necessary, but it is healthy. 


When I feel off, it's usually because I've let a bunch of anger or anxiety build up. I go to the holy grail called YouTube, search a ten minute exercise, and I immediately have an outlet. Stretching and yoga also help a lot, especially when I'm not feeling the sweating part of the workout. 

Spend time in the word

I honestly know I'm lucky because my homework for a lot of my classes is to just read the Bible. I have no excuse not to at least read a chapter a day, because it's literally homework. But God uses His word and speaks to you, even when you doubt anything can. I like starting my day in the scripture, reading a bit about midday, and then ending the night in prayer or in the Word. God speaks to you when you use His book as a lifeline. 

Make a to-do list

Only do this if you want to, but I like seeing all the things I can do and being able to cross some stuff off my list. Even things like cleaning or catching up on sleep can be on your list. I usually have about 15 tasks that range from homework to quiet time. Plus, if you have a full free eighteen hours, you might feel better if you knock out a big project that's been hanging over your head.

Count Your Blessings

Usually when I have to take a day off, it's because the world is wearing me down. I can get stuck in a rut of 'my life is hard' and 'why do I even need to be here'? My thoughts can turn back to my old, depressed mind really fast when I just reflect on myself. So I make a list of all the good things in my life. I thank God for hours, writing it down or just praying. But when you step out of yourself and reflect on all the good in your life that you don't even deserve, you can't help but feel blessed and treasured. 


So yeah! Obviously, these are just a few things that I've learned work for me. I mainly just focus on what my body and soul need and give the day to God from there. Honestly, I would recommend taking a day off or just having a rest day once a month to recharge.



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